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Choosing Authentic Wooden Watches


Apparently, wooden watches have become the most popular time-telling accessory in this day and age with its unique look and classy yet casual vibe. Sporting one would definitely get you in the in-crowd of fashion; that's for sure. The earthy and organic feel that they exude is what's drawing people in and making them want to have one for themselves. There are some excellent options to choose from in the market these days. These watches are of great value and would make an awesome addition to your watch collection as well. Products made of wood give off that natural effect that exudes, not just class, but natural beauty as well. These days, you have to be smart when making a purchase. For those who haven't bought these timepieces before, they are faced with the struggle of telling difference between an authentic and a fake one. This article and a tense watch review will tell you everything you need to know.


The first step is always the most crucial when it comes to these things. Grain patterns have to be closely inspected because it's the natural appearance of lines and scratches on a wooden surface. Any type of wood has this and it would be telling to the direction in which the wood was chopped, carved, or cut. You have to be aware of the fake products circulating in the market as well where sellers deliberately mark their products with fake lines that resemble the appearance of natural wood. You have to be keen enough to tell apart these particular signs. Proper inspection should be made before you actually purchase the product. When it looks too unnatural or feels to perfect then it may not be real wood at all.


The second step is a bit weird but actually quite effective at the same time. You can try knocking the watch against the surface of your teeth. You can hear a distinct sound that would allow you tell apart a particular material from the rest. If your product is made of real wood then you'd definitely be able to tell right away. When it's just plastic then you'd also be able to tell the sound right away and keep yourself from buying the fake watch which was about to be sold to your by a tricky person. Give some of the options a try and listen to their sounds. It would be best to do your research on these things ahead of time so that you can tell from the very beginning if someone is trying to fool you. You can proceed to report these fraudulent sellers to the proper authorities for selling you non-authentic wooden watches. Reading womens watch review can also be great.


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